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Mrs. Perfect -- A 10-minute rock musical in a VAN!

Spring has long since sprung and the VAN! is back in Brooklyn and ready for some more adventures. We’re starting out our new season with Mrs. Perfect and The Unexpected Visit of Evil! a 10-Minute Rock musical by Crystal Skillman. Double awesome is that this show is gonna be part of this years Comic Book Festival at The Brick Theatre. So come on by and check it out!

We will be parked within a 3 to 4 block radius of The Brick, Check this site, or at Theatre in a VAN! or at the Brick Theatre an hour or so before the show for the exact location.

Performance Dates are:
June 10th 8-11 PM
June 11th 8-11 PM
June 12th 7-10 PM
June 17th 8-10 PM
June 18th 9:30-11 PM
June 24th 8-10 PM
June 25 8-10:15 PM
July 1st 8-11 PM

Performances will start every 10 minutes between these times.

All tickets are bought at the door. All tickets are only 5$!!!!!!

What's it about? Well...

Mrs. Perfect, an ex–super heroine disgraced from her “indie” superhero community, currently knocked up and surly as all hell, finds herself drawn by into the “Super Game” by her old arch villains to fight a new common enemy: her ex and only love, Mr. Perfect. The only way to do it is to steal back the ultimate superhero’s device which once bound them together: a ring which has the power to create or destroy anything … or anyone. But in this age of superhero inequality can these lady super heroes and villains get it together to unite and throw down with the “big boys” or are they doomed to remain side kicks forever? SUPER! digs deep into a timely but timeless issue in this world of 50/50 in 2011 with crazy humor, puppets, rock songs, all unfolding in a Van!

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Theatre in a VAN! is a new theatrical initiative to produce work in vehicles parked on the streets of New York City. We actively seek to engage a more diverse audience and cultivate a greater interest in theatre by, keeping our tickets low, appealing to a modern cultural sensibility and literally taking theatre to the people on the street.

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